ED 655 – Emerging Tool 2: Twiddla


Twiddla is a shared online whiteboard that can be used for collaboration and meetings. It offers options to draw/write/insert shapes on a white board, write in the “EtherPad” which is a word processor view, open a webpage as the backdrop with a finger tool to click on links, or set a document or image as the backdrop. There is a chat box on the side of the screen where users can communicate without marking on the whiteboard. An audio communication option is available with a paid subscription as are private meetings. In the free version, Twiddla provides a unique link to access a meeting room, but that meeting is always public so anyone with the link can access it. With a paid account, users can also save snapshots from meetings for later use. This tool does offer a 30-day free trial for new users. According to a tutorial I watched, teachers can email Twiddla and get access to a free premium account.

It was fairly easy to get started using Twiddla. The buttons and options were self-explanatory. I did run into some difficulties opening web pages. I tried opening up my own in the background, but it gave an error message. Next I tried Amazon, but I got blocked with a captcha because Amazon thought it was a bot. It did however work with the NPR webpage. I could see this tool being useful for teaching synchronous classes from a distance. Also, it could be a great way for students working in small groups who are unable to meet in person to share resources.

Here is the link to the public page I set up: https://www.twiddla.com/tzvg8w

I could not find information on how long that public page would remain up.

Here is a youtube tutorial that explains some educational uses for Twiddla using the premium version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKm-vWznZ-Y

Emerging Tool 3: Quick Rubric

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