ED 655 – Emerging Tool 3: Quick Rubric

Quick Rubric

Quick Rubric provides the template to create rubrics online. Users can set up a free account which stores all the rubrics they make. The template itself is adaptable. The user can change points, the category titles, the criteria, the header, and add/delete rows and columns. There are options to save, print, and copy (to create a new rubric from a previous one), but it lacks collaboration capability unless users share an account.

The rubrics created can be accessed by the link to the page without logging in. Here’s a blank one: https://www.quickrubric.com/r#/qr/mycatas/nameless-rubric2

The concept is simple, and although there are not many bells and whistles in the site, it performs its single function well. The only thing I found annoying about the tool was that the rubrics, when printed, had the name “Quick Rubric” written on them in three places, one of them in giant font, but that doesn’t detract from the usefulness of the site, only from the aesthetic appeal of the final product. I wish I knew about this tool years ago!

Emerging Tool 1: Feedly

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